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Diede Construction, Inc. has successfully completed multiple Lease-Leaseback projects for California schools. This project delivery method is of great value to school districts and experienced general contracting firms.

DDC has over 28+ years building schools using the standards of the public bidding process and understands the difficulty school districts experience trying to make a problematic system work within limited budgets and timelines.

Lease-Leaseback design-build projects are constructed pursuant to the provision set forth in CA Education Code Section 17406, which authorizes school district governing boards, without advertising for bids, to lease property currently owned by a school district to any person, firm or corporation for a minimum of $1 per year, as long as such lease requires the other party to construct (or provide for the construction of) a building or buildings on the subject property and that title to the subject property and the buildings vest in the school district at the expiration of the lease. This statutory language requires school districts to first lease its property to a chosen design-build contractor.

This delivery method to construct has been recognized by the CA Legislature as a proven method to deliver school facilities on time, in budget and with a reduced level of public agency risk associated with design issues, delays and cost overruns.

“I would like to thank you and your organization for the excellent job that was done in constructing a new office building … here at LLNL. Your site superintendent … did an excellent job keeping the (new Office Building B694) project going very smoothly. He always kept the quality and workmanship of the project as his main goal, which is something you just do not see very often these days.”

DWTF Project Manager
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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